Peritoneal Dialysis


Peritoneal Dialysis is a treatment that uses the inside lining of your abdominal (the peritoneum) as the filter, instead of the machine. The peritoneum can be used as a filtering device like the kidneys, as it contains thousands of tiny blood cells that can filter through the blood. An incision is made by the abdominal and a small tube called a catheter is inserted permanently into the peritoneal cavity. A fluid is inserted through the catheter and then is pumped into the peritoneal cavity and as blood passes through the small blood vessels lining (the peritoneal cavity), excess fluid and waste particles are collected from the bloods and is absorbed by the dialysis fluid. The used fluid is drained into a bag and is replaced with fresh fluid. The duration of the fluid change can take 30-40 minutes and usually needs repeating 4 times a day. This treatment can also be done overnight if preferred. 

Day Treatment Schedule

4 sessions a week for 4 hours

Night Treatment Schedule

6 days a week for 8 hours overnight