About us


“I became a patient of Peritoneal Dialysis at the age of 84 and I quickly discovered from my time in the hospital that the only way to support my catheter and the pipe was by using a large plaster. This interfered with my daily quality of life as the weight of the tube and catheter were only being supported by a plaster, which caused me discomfort. Having an engineering background, I quickly thought of a solution that could help solve the discomfort and that was P-D Click. I designed a belt out of high-quality materials that were hygienic, comfortable and washable, with a specially designed click that holds the feed tube into place. I wanted to design a belt that would be able to help future dialysis patients.”

Harry Marlow

For ‘9’ years we have dedicated ourselves to improving the quality of life for Peritoneal Dialysis Patients by constantly improving the quality of the P-D Click Belt. P-D Click was founded by Harry Marlow, a Peritoneal Dialysis patient whose goal was to help and improve the quality of life for the Peritoneal Dialysis patients. This is what he had to say about P-D Click before he unfortunately passed away.

Here at P-D Click we try to operate and live by our ‘CLICK’ values. Our ‘CLICK’ values stand for: 

  • Care – We take pride in improving a persons’ well-being and health by providing a product and service that makes the journey with dialysis easier and more comfortable.
  • Longevity – We create long lasting products that provide long lasting results in order to build long term relationships with our customers. 
  • Innovative – Constantly improving our products and services through the help of customer feedback, our PD Click ambassador program and our R&D team within PD Click.
  • Community – We want to engage and create a dialysis community with our customers through our product and online presence. We aim to be the hub that allows dialysis patients to have a sense of belonging within our community by being able to communicate and interact with dialysis patients worldwide. 
  • Knowledge – We are constantly learning and improving our knowledge about dialysis in order to provide the most up to do date products and health care information for our customers.