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P-D CLICK has been designed to improve all peritoneal dialysis patients treatment.

With the peritoneal dialysis treatment whether it be manually single bag exchange or the night time machine treatment there is a problem with the tube directly from the catheter, unless this tube is supported the weight of this tube has to be carried by the entry to the catheter, which tends to stretch the opening into your body, this allow possible entry of infections, it is estimated that 20% of infections enter your body this way. (Peritonitis  is very painful to the patient and hospital treatment can be very costly).

When showering and using the "CLICK" allows you to remove the plaster on the catheter and shower,  the weight of the tube is always carried by the "CLICK". This system always allows you to clean around the catheter freely. You can then dry yourself, fit your second "CLICK" and transfer the tube to the dry "CLICK". The wet "CLICK" belt is removed and washed and dried ready for the following day.

The position of the "CLICK" is positioned to suit your dress, such as waist belts and braces. Wearing your "CLICK" during night time treatment allows you to position the tube to suit your laying position, allowing you to adjust your position to avoid kinking of the tube.


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